October Social Artworking with DecoArt

October has been a fun month for Social Artworking!

Here’s a little bit of the fun!

“Stacked Pumpkin” Class

Before class, I always like to do a little practicing at home.

Social Artworking "Stacked Pumpkin"

Lovely ladies hard at work!!

Social Artworking "Stacked Pumpkin"

With me painting step by step along with them, it definitely takes that “scary” out of painting!!

Social Artworking "Stacked Pumpkin"

These ladies did an amazing job!!!

Social Artworking "Stacked Pumpkin"

Private Class-“Thankful Chalkboard” Canvas

This month I was invited to teach our “Thankful Chalkboard Canvas” for a women’s group at a local church.

They were very intent on mixing the “right” color orange! LOL

Social Artworking Thankful Chalkboard Canvas

These ladies were ssooo proud of their weathered wood backgrounds. And they should be…they look fabulous.

Social Artworking Thankful Chalkboard Canvas Social Artworking Thankful Chalkboard Canvas

Seriously…she’s excited!!!!

Social Artworking Thankful Chalkboard Canvas

Quick Selfie!

I loved teaching this class here. We were in their Children’s ministry area and all the colors were bright and super fun.

Social Artworking Thankful Chalkboard Canvas

The Social Artworking Stencils make it so easy to make the PERFECT lettering.

Social Artworking Thankful Chalkboard Canvas

Beautiful Ladies with their beautiful canvases!

Thanks Church at Northwest Arkansas!

Social Artworking Thankful Chalkboard Canvas

Mother/Daughter Fun-“Be Brave”

You might recognize some of these ladies.

A couple of the ladies from my “Thankful Chalkboard” class loved it so much they wanted to share it with their daughters.

So we set up a small painting party at my house.


Marissa is an artist at heart and enjoyed making the “Be Brave” canvas all her own.


The mamas were super serious…most of the time. 🙂


Mackenzie learned about the magic of a heat gun. She was so cute….I heard her say “OH my gosh…you can actually watch the paint dry!!!”


LOVE how these turned out.

The 2 on the right are going in the same room, so her mom created the work Happy instead of Brave, but kept the colors similar so that they still “match.”

GREAT job ladies!!


My little wanted to paint with us, so we let her do her own thing. 🙂

If you look close, you can see she painted candy, lollipops and of course…a spider…because it’s Halloween!


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the creative fun we’ve been having!

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Have an amazing day!!



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