Gel Press April Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Who’s Ready for a Blog Hop and a Giveaway!?

Blog Hop Details

Thank you for joining our first Gel Press Blog Hop!  We will have a challenge every month.  This gives you the opportunity to play along AND win a Gel Press for yourself.

 This month you can win an 8″ Round Gel Press Plate!!

Here’s how to win:

Enter by going to all of the blogs.
Leave a comment on the Gel Press Blog telling us your favorite project.
You can comment between now and April 7!
Winner to be announced on Gel Press Junkies on FB and Gel Press product page April 8th!  You will have your 8″ Round Gel Press to make a project to play along with our Earth Day designs April 22!
Here are the links to the other AMAZING Gel Press Blogs! Make sure to check them all out to win!
Enjoy the projects and good luck!

The Blog Hop Challenge

For this blog hop, we were asked to use the Gel Press 8″ Round plate to give YOU inspiration for our upcoming Earth Day Challenge.

As I sat down with my plate and paints I just started playing and once I got my first layer down…I knew were I wanted to go.

Here’s what I came up with:

Deco Art Earth Day Canvas

As I made my print using my 8″ Round Gel Press Plate and thinking about Earth Day, I kind of thought “You know….this kind of looks like a girly world!” So…I ran with it!


For this project, I used:

Copy Paper

8″ Round Gel Press Plate

Fluid Acrylics

Spray Inks



First things first…here’s a quick tip!

I came across this AMAZING tip on a random You Tube Video for Golden Paints.

Before you start with your paints, lay your paper over your Gel Press Plate and using some low tack tape (like painter’s tape or washi tape), tack down one side.

Monoprinting Quick Tip

Now you have a hinge that will allow you to place your mono-printed images in the exact same place every time without the guess work. This works EXCELLENT for shapes like the round plate to keep your images tight.

Here’s what your “homemade press” looks like open.


Let’s Do this…step by step tutorial!

Start with your fluid acrylics. Pick 1 color and then a white to add some POP. Remember, with Gel Press plates, a little bit of paint goes a long way.

Deco Art Fluid Acrylics and Gel Press

Using your brayer, gently roll your paint over your plate. Then add some texture! I love this silicone potholder to add a great honeycomb texture.

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics and Gel Press

Just look at the texture it adds!!

DecoArt Media and Gel Press

Flip your paper over and rub over the back. When you lift your paper, you will have your first image. This will become your background. It kind of looks like pink python print camo doesn’t it?!

DecoArt Media and Gel Press

Next, cover your entire plate with a black fluid acrylic.

DecoArt Fluid Acrylic

For this step, I wanted my stencil design to be my image, so I laid my stencil over my fluid acrylics and lifted an image from there.

20160327_230609133_iOS 1

Lift your paper (and save it for another project!) and removed your stencil.

You’ll see you are left with a duplicate of your stencil image in paint. Flip your paper to add your stencil image to your base image. Here is where you can see how handy that hinge is! Your circles will be perfectly lined up without even trying. 🙂

Deco Art and Gel Press

Here is what my image looked like.

Gel Press 8" Plate Blog Hop

Next I wanted to add just a little bit of white, so I grabbed my white fluid acrylic, but I only added it to half of my plate. REMEMBER: You are printing mirror images, so since I wanted my white to end up on the RIGHT side of my finished image, I needed to put it on the LEFT side of my plate.

img_2084.jpg Gel Press and Deco Art

I layered a hexagon stencil on top and flipped my paper over to add the hexagons to my image.



Help…I mono-printed…now what?

After making this FANTASTIC print, now I had to turn it into something.

I started by using Matte Medium to adhere my whole page to my canvas.


Using a cast off print, I cut the circle out to cover my image while I sprayed away with my Deco Art Shimmer Mists.

DecoArt Simmer Mist and Gel Plate

Once my inks were dry, I added more elements like White Shimmer spray for contrast, silver wax and stamped script.

For my letters, I didn’t have enough of one style to do my whole title, so I used a mixture (it’s a great way to use up old alphabets!)

They weren’t the right color, so I stuck them on a plastic folder and painted them white.

Quick Tip Leftover Letters Gel Press

I added them to my canvas and made them POP with a little black outline and a little silver metallic paint.

Deco Art Media and Gel Press


Time for your close-Up!

Here are a couple of close-ups!

DecoArt Media and Gel Press

Deco Art Fluid Acrylics and Gel Press

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this BRIGHT and funky project today for Gel Press.

I hope you will take the time to check out all of the blogs and enter for YOUR chance to win a 8″ Round Gel Press plate!

Until Next time,



Gel Press Creative Team

****All paints and inks by Deco Art, Inc and Deco Art Media. All Stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop***


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