“Voyage Beneath the Sea” with Butterbee Scraps

Who’s ready for a vacation, Creatives?

Today I am sharing my newest post for Butterbee Scraps .

I am excited today to go back to my roots a little bit and work with Graphic 45’s newest collection “Voyage Beneath the Sea.” As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be a perfect match for all of Butterbee Scrap’s metal gears.

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Full Project


For this project, I used:

Butterbee Scraps

Large Metal Mixed Silver and Bronze Gears

Medium Mixed Silver, Copper and Bronze Gear Charms

Small Mixed Silver, Copper and Bronze Gear Charms

SS16 Light Colorado Flatback Gems

Watch Mechanism Tibetan Charms

Steampunk Tibetan Charms Collection (binoculars)

Mixed Copper Filigree Beads

Bronze Metal Filigree Embellishment #553B

Deco Art

Dazzling Metallics-Ice Blue and Worn Penny

Americana Acrylic-Cadmiun Orange

Metallic Lutre-Lavish Green

Deco Art Media

Texture Sand Paste

Liquid Glass

Graphic 45

Small Matchbox Book

“Voyage Beneath the Sea” 12×12 Paper

“Deep Blue Dreams” 12×12 Paper

The Crafter’s Workshop

Tribal Fish (TCW 594S)

Octopus (TCW607S)


Aquarium Rocks

White Gesso

What to do…

Here’s a few steps of how I got to my finished product.

(1) I started by painting my base with gesso before painting it with Deco Art Dazzling Metallics paint in Ice Blue.

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Deco Art Metallics

(2) Using  a sponge and my Dazzling Metallics Worn Penny and Americana Cadmium Orange, I used my Tribal Fish stencil to add fish to my background.

Graphic 45 Tribal Fish TCW 594S

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_The Crafter's Workshop

(3) To add my “seaweed” look, I used a mixture of Deco Art Media Texture Sand Paste and Deco Art Metallic Lustre in Lavish Green through my Octopus (TCW607S) stencil with a small metal spatula. I added my “seaweed” to the from and the sides of the front cover.

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Deco Art_Sand Paste_Metallic Lustre

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Side

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Outside_Top Right

Even though there is an octopus on the stencil, I kept my paste in just the seaweed and rock portion of the stencil.

TCW607S Octopus Stencil

For the “seaweed” on the inside, I allowed my Texture Sand Paste and Metallic Lustre to dry on my pallet paper to dry. I then pealed it up and layered it in my box around my gears and fish.

Here is a close-up:

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Sand Paste Metallic Lustre Finished Product

(4) After I layered my gears to my liking, I find that using Deco Art Liquid Glass to be a good adhesive for the gears, as well as the aquarium rocks. It dries crystal clear so you won’t see if any oozes through the holes in your gears and other embellishments. (you can see in a couple of pictures I tried a hot glue gun first and I didn’t like how obvious it was.)

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Deco Art Media_Liquid Glass

It also makes GREAT bubbles!

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Outside_Liquid Glass

Finished Product

I am so excited how this turned out!

Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Bottom Left_Gears Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Bottom Beads Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Inside full Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Inside Top Butterbee Scraps_Voyage Beneath the Sea_Inside Bottom

Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed seeing today’s project as much as I enjoyed making it!

Be sure to check out Butterbee Scraps for all your metal embellishments and more.

Until Next time.




  1. Candy Colwell says:

    Keri, this is awesome!!! Love your layers of various stencils, paints, metal pieces, stamps fish images, etc. Your colors are so vibrant and just draw you in. Thanks for sharing your art with our under the sea theme at DecoArt!

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