Scrapbook Layout featuring Butterbee Scraps

Butterbee Scraps “I Run”

Scrapbook Layout

Butterbee Scraps Gel Press Scrapbook Layout

Good Morning Creatives!!

This morning I am going back to my roots…scrapbooking!!!

It has been a while since I have sat down and done an actual scrapbook layout.  Recently I playing with my Gel Press Petite Set B and I had been DYING to use the hexagon Gel Plate on SOMETHING, so I thought “Why not make a scrapbook background!?”

You Tube Video

To show you exactly how I made my background, here is a short video!

Adding some color! Hello NEON!

I LOVE neon and DecoArt Multi-Surface has an amazing line of neon that are bright and beautifully saturated.

Once my black and white background was dry, I went to town and just had fun going totally ’80s and splatter painting over it.

Gel Press Scrapbook Background

And since you can NEVER have enough neon, I then took my Butterbee Scraps Gabby Doilies and hit them all with a different color neon.

Deco Art Multi-Surface Neon Butterbee Scrap Doilie

Butterbee Scraps Doilie NEON

Layering it up!!

To finish it up, just have fun! I layered Butterbee Scraps Arrows, gears and wings on top of my doilies and around my picture.

The wings were perfect to go with the idea of running because, although I’m not a fast runner, there is this amazing feeling of flying when you hit your stride and you’re just going….

BUT…the gears show that it still takes constant WORK.

Butterbee Scraps Doilies and Wings Scrapbook

My arrows are perfect to enforce the idea of a race and following all the twists and turns.

Butterbee Scraps and Gel Press Scrapbook Layout

This picture is actually from my first half-marathon 3 years ago. My husband took it and I love how he captured my final time in the shot as I crossed the finish line for the first time. It was totally scrapbook worthy, don’t you think?

Scrapbook Layout Butterbee Scraps

These Butterbee Scraps Large Arrow Tibetan Charms are a great contrast to my neon letters from Pink Paislee. They were originally plain wood that I painted with my DecoArt Multi-Surface in Neon Orange.

Pink Paislee Lumberyard Butterbee Scraps Arrow

The Story behind the layout

I am a runner.

Words I never thought I would EVER say.

I wasn’t athletic growing up. I honestly never thought I could. I thought I just wasn’t one of “those people.”

I. was. wrong.

And how did I find out I was wrong?

I tried and I didn’t give up the first time it didn’t work out.

I started running 4 years ago using the Couch-to-5k app because I had NO IDEA where to start! When I started, I couldn’t run more than 1 minute at a time and was “running” a 16 minute mile.

Fast forward to today. This past April, I ran my 3rd half-marathon and managed to shave 30 minutes off of my time you see here.

Final Thoughts

How did I become a runner?

 I understood that there are good days and bad days.

I started to rest in the small victories and to let go of the small defeats.

I made a daily choice to become someone that the old me said I never could be.

What about you?

What do you want to do that you think you can’t?

Document it. Think on it. Do it. Then Scrapbook it.

It might SUCK the first time…the second time…the third time. But one day…one moment…it won’t and that will be worth it all.

Think about it this week.

Until next time,



PS. You can find out more about this layout on the Butterbee Scraps Blog: “I Run” Scrapbook Layout

PSS. If you are female in the central US, I highly recommend the Go Girl Runs by Ultramax. What makes them different from other runs is that it is only women who run them.  Not only do you not have to be intimidated because you’re running next to a big guy, but the camaraderie of the female spirit at the races does AMAZING things for your morale and your running. All 3 of my half-marathons have been Go Girl and I wouldn’t have wanted to start any other way.


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