Recycled Ornament featuring Butterbee Scraps

Recycling…just in time for Christmas

recycled ornament featuring Butterbee Scraps

Good Morning Creatives!

Today I happy to share with you my latest project for Butterbee Scraps.


Butterbee Scraps Products:

Bronze Dimensional Flower Metal Filigree (8567-B) 

Bronze Metal Filigree Embellishment (025-B)

Silver Flower Metal Filigree Embellishemnt (016-S) 

Bronze Dimensional Flower Metal Embellishment (7635-B) 

Aquamarine Flat Back (SS20) 

Light Colorado Topaz Flat Back (SS20)

Other Materials

Gorilla Glue Hot Glue

Recycled Metal Ornament


I have an admission.

I am horrible about buying presents and cards and then forgetting to give them to the recipient. {insert red face}

This ornament was one such gift. It was purchased with the purpose of giving it to a friend who was from Michigan and went to school at Michigan state, home of the Trojans.

recycled christmas ornament

I wasn’t sure what to do with it, until I flipped it over and realized the backside was solid.

recycled christmas ornament for butter bee scraps

I was so happy to see this blank canvas, so I started filling it with Butterbee Scraps Bronze Flowers!

recycled ornament featuring butter bee Scraps

Finishing Touches

Once I placed all my metal flowers, I decided it needed some color and extra sparkle!

Adding Aquamarine and Light Topaz Glass stones from Butterbee Scraps were a perfect choice.

recycled ornament for butterbee scraps

Ready for my close-up!!!

I love the mixture of metals with the POP of teal and gold gems.

recycled ornament featuring butter bee scraps

A Recycled Christmas

Christmas can be a hectic and expensive time of year, but it can also be a time of creativity and inventiveness.

Need new ornaments? Try looking at the ornaments you have in a new light. Can you change the color? Can you add some ribbon or lace to change it up?

Maybe you have a friend who is tired of their ornaments and you could have an ornament swap?!

There are so many ways to make the most out of Christmas without breaking the bank.

What are your tips?

What’s your favorite way to have a recycled Christmas?

How do you save money during the holidays?

I would LOVE to hear from you!

Until next time,



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