Prayers for Lyndi Lou

Good ¬†Morning Creatives…

Today’s post is going to be a little different.

Today…I am going to ask you for a favor.

Today, I am asking for prayers, good vibes…whatever you have….I am asking for them today.

I have an online friend who has a daughter who is fighting for her life because of complications from Crohn’s disease.

She is a beautiful young woman who has spent the last three years in and out of the hospital for months at a time.

In the last week, she has been on life-support in ICU because her body is ravaged by septic shock after part of her bowels exploded. I know this sounds gross and graphic, but it is the reality of her and her family’s life at the moment.


Her mom, Tiffany, keeps us all updated on Facebook and the thoughts of an exhausted, panicked mother tear at my heart each time I read them.

Sometimes prayers seem so futile and I think…

What if that was my child?

What if it was me writing words like “she is crying in pain and no meds are working?” or “my baby is on life support.” or “there is nothing they can do right now because her body is too weak and she wouldn’t survive.”

Finding Peace…

As I was thinking on those thoughts on Friday, I thought about how hard it has to be for Tiffany to find any kind of peace during this time. How it just feels like this storm will never end. How she is grasping for understanding in a situation that appears to make no sense.

I decided to spend a little time drawing (because I hadn’t in a while) and all these thoughts were bubbling through my head as I dug out my supplies and my Jane Davenport “Beautiful Face” book.


Once I had her done I had the thought of Phillipians 4:7 where it talks about God giving peace that surpasses all understanding.

It’s a peace that doesn’t make sense. It’s a peace that you have when you don’t FEEL like you should have peace.

Keri sallee jane davenport

My prayer, aside from healing for Lyndi, is that Tiffany finds this kind of peace. She might not “feel” it, but it’s there and it will carry her through this heartbreaking season.

I wanted this piece to reflect the storm around her with the blues, but show peace surrounding her with the yellow light.

Crohn’s Disease

In all honesty…I don’t know a lot about Crohn’s disease.

I had a friend who lost her husband five years ago to the disease, but they never really talked about the specifics and the daily struggles.

To learn more about Crohn’s disease, check out CrohnsandColitis.Com¬†.

To leave Tiffany and Lyndi some support and prayers, check out Tiffany’s Facebook.

Until next time…remember we are all in this together.




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