Portrait Featuring Butterbee Scraps

Butterbee Scraps Portrait

Good Morning Creatives!

A year ago, I started a new venture…designing for a little Canadian company called Butterbee Scraps. I loved her products and loved the idea of helping out the girl boss reach her dreams.

This was my first project. It was a mixed media portrait when I first decided to start attempting to draw and paint faces. {You can see more about this portrait at: Mixed Media Portrait by Keri Sallee >}

New Project…New Portrait

In honor of my one year anniversary, I thought it would be fun to go back to my roots and do another portrait.

I am loving still finding my style and trying different things out. This time I went for more hair and fun flowers in her hair.

For fun, I used metallic paints from DecoArt to give her hair some depth.

Butterbee Scraps

To make the metal accents in her hair, I used:

Bronze Dimensional Flower Metal Filigree (7635B)

Bronze Dimensional Flower Metal Filigree (8567B)

Bronze Flower Metal Filigree (025B)

Bronze Round Metal Filigree (288B)

Bronze Leaf Metal Filigree (850B)

SS20 Aquamarine Flat Back Glass Rhinestone (MY FAVORITE!)

Yellow Flat Back Glass Rhinestone (sorry..this one is discontinued.)

Bronze Butterfly (whoops! this one is discontinued as well…so sorry! I should have checked before I used them!)

Her necklace is made using:

Bronze Cable Chain (CH779B)

Bronze Peacock Metal Filigree Embellishment (285B)

You can also see that I accented her dress with my Aquamarine Glass Rhinestones to tie the hair piece into the dress.

Quotes to live by…

Around my portrait, you see the quote “Laughter is the language of the soul.” along with “Laugh often” inscribed on her dress.

My hope for you is that your 2017 is filled with laughter. That your soul can learn to laugh if it has forgotten and that you choose to share your special soul language with others.

Until Next time.



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