Personalized Bible Covers

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Let’s be honest.

Journaling Bible covers are rarely pretty.

The are usually some version of brown or black.

I have trying to decide on a way to take my Bible up a notch so that they fit my personality more than just being boring.

Before we start…

Before we start changing up our journaling Bibles, we first have to decide on WHICH Bible to purchase.

There are so many options and for the most part, it really is a personal decision.

I currently have 3 types of journaling Bibles:

Single Column Journaling Bible

This is an Single Column Journaling Bible in the English Standard Version that I purchased from DaySpring. Using a single column style journaling Bible give you a column about 2 inches wide on the sides of each page. It can be difficult to get use to working in such a small space if you are use to larger art journals, but you will get use to it in time. I have two journaling bibles that are this style.

Interleaved Journaling Bible

The next style journaling Bible is called an Interleaved Bible. This bible is unique in that each page of scripture has a full blank page opposite it, giving you more room to create. I purchased this one from Amazon. (Isn’t the cover BEAUTIFUL!? I will probably never cover it!)

Here is a good diagram I found that describes that interleaved bible.

Check out a 2 page journaling layout I made in my interleaved Bible for Gel Press: Your Time as a Catterpillar.

“Book Specific” Bibles

The last form of journaling Bible is a “book specific” Bible. These are journaling Bibles that only include material from one book of the Bible, like the one I have for Proverbs.

Here is what the inside looks like. As you can see, there is tons of extra space surrounding the proverbs for journaling and creating.

With the rise of the popularity of Bible Journaling, you can now find every book of the Bible as stand alone journaling/notetaking books.

The Holy Grail of Journaling Bibles?

The Bible I don’t have, but kind of want is the new Illustrating Bible from Dayspring.

Size and structure is what makes this the mac-daddy of all journaling Bibles:

  • 1) The overall size is 9.25in x 9.25in , with 3.25in margins.
  • 2) Paperweight is 75% thicker than traditional journaling Bibles.
  • 3) Spiral Bound allows for a complete flat surface for creating.
  • 4) 8 point font (slightly larger than the usual 7 point font of other Bibles)

So why doesn’t everyone own this Bible?

It cost $100. YIKES! It hurts just to write that amount.

As of right now, I just can’t justify spending the money on it, but I’m not going to lie…I really want it! LOL


This video requires very little materials:

Vinyl-I used precut 12×12 sheets from Hobby Lobby, as well as some leftover green vinyl I had

A good pair of scissors- I am in LOVE with my new Westcott Carbo Titanium Scissors

Your journaling Bible or Book that you want to cover.

That’s it!

Let’s Do It!

Are you ready for the fun?

Here are both Bibles together again.

Personlized Bible covers by Keri Sallee

Are you ready to try?

How fun and EASY was that?

I hope this is giving you all sorts of ideas on how you can personalize the cover of your Bible or journal to fit your personality and lifestyle.

Leave me a comment here or on my YOUTUBE channel and let me know if you do this technique!

Until next time…



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