New year…new blog…new word…

Welcome to my new website!

I am so exciting to be writing to you from my new home. It is still a work in progress, but please feel free to look around and leave me some suggestions.

If you are looking for older posts from my Blogger Blog, click on the first graphic on the right hand side that says “The Creative Life Studios.” It will take you to my 141 blog posts that I have cultivated over the last 3 years. I tried to transfer them, but it got a little weird and I wanted you to have the best looking and easiest blog to read.

NEW One Little Word for 2016

Have you ever heard of an artist named Ali Edwards? In 2006 she started a campaign to challenge people to take one word and use it as a focal point for the year.

I started picking One Little Word (OLW) in 2013, when I chose:

One Little Word 2013-NEW


One Little Word 2014


One Little Word 2015 Rhonna Farrer


This year I was inspired by a video…from Family Feud…I know…sounds weird. The new host of Family Feud is a comedian named Steve Harvey who, many times, has spoken out as a Christian. In the last week, I was tagged twice by 2 different people on Facebook for a video where Steve Harvey is talking to the Family Feud audience in between tapings.

Here is his thoughts on being brave…

It’s pretty powerful stuff, huh? To jump means to not only be brave, but be trusting…2 things that are not a part of my usual DNA.

That is going to change this year. This year I will be brave. This year I will have faith in myself. This year…I will…

New One Little Word 2016

New One Little Word 2016 Jump designed with Rhonna Farrer

I haven’t picked a scripture to go with my word yet. I would LOVE to know your thoughts and maybe your suggestions.

What can you expect next? Coming later this week…my 2 part recap from The Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show I attended last week in Ahaheim. It was an AMAZING time of networking, creating and had so many doors opened. Some of which I can’t share just yet {wink} but I hope to share soon.

Until next time…welcome to my home.



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PSS This year’s OLW image created using Rhonna Farrer’s iPhone app.

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