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Good Morning Creatives.

Today I would like to share with you recent art journal page I did using The Crafter’s Workshop Heavy Body Acrylics and Jane Davenport’s “Neutral” Watercolor Palette by American Crafts for Michael’s Stores.


I started with a simple sketch. You can see it’s in my art journal and the project on the other side splattered on to this page. I am using an Dyan Reavely Art Journal which I am LOVING. The paper is thick, it doesn’t warp and the pages lay flat.

OK…you are going to think this is crazy. To make the PERFECT skin tone, I mix together The Crafter’s Workshop Heavy Body Acrylics in Iridescent Gold and Spun Sugar. It’s perfect for a base layer!

I continued adding my gold TCW acrylic to add shading. I used a mixture of Spun Sugar and Raspberry Sorbet for her hair.

This is what Jane Davenport calls the “ugly” stage! LOL. This is the place where a lot of people give us because it doesn’t look right or pretty or any of those things we all hope it to eventually be. I added Blueberry Pie to the background to cover up the splatters from my other project. I allowed it to dry overnight at this point. I knew I would be using my Jane Davenport watercolors next and didn’t want to risk messing up all my hard work.


I used my Jane Davenport watercolors to continue to add depth to my face, hair and background. I LOVE using the black in the neutral palette with a thin brush to do my detail work.

Food for Thought – Lose to Win

I have been on a binge of re-watching past seasons of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” (thank you HULU!) and in all honesty…that is where the original thought for this quote came from.

These people have made the choice to go through all of the blood, sweat and tears to regain their life. As you watch the show, though, you realize that it’s about so much more than losing pounds. It’s about finding the ROOT of the problem…finding the “why?” they gained weigh to begin with.

And it’s when they can find that “why?” and confront their inner demons that can truly begin to blossom and find who they truly are in life.

As they have to LOSE the pains and negativities of the past in order to WIN back their lives.

That is what this girl is about. It is about acknowledging those negative emotions in life and working to shake them off to find freedom and win your life.

I posted this page in an art journaling page on FB and one lady commented that she liked the idea of the words being in the hair because you could just “brush” them off and make the choice to be free.

I loved that point of view. Brush off the negative…drop it lose so that YOU can WIN back your life!

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