Jane Davenport Watercolor Painting

Good Morning Creatives!

Today I am sharing a watercolor painting I did last week using Jane Davenport’s Watercolor “Neutral” Palette.

Trying Something New

I am not normally a watercolor person. I tend to be so “perfection” oriented that it’s hard for me to just be free like you need to be with watercolors.

BUT…I have been in love with Jane’s style for years and desperately wanted to try her new products by American Crafts. If you’ve searched for them, you know that products like the watercolors and the mermaid markers have been dubbed “unicorns” because of their scarcity.

While on the way home from Spring Break my wonderful hubby let me go about 30 minutes out of our way on the way home to hit a Michael’s store. I had budgeted to be able to get both, but I was completely thrilled to be able to get just one! {I still have my sites on the “bright” palette to compliment my “neutral” palette!}

Watercolor Bird

Here is my first try:

It was so hard! LOL

I started out trying to force the paint in places and FREAKING out if it moved where I didn’t want it. But that is the nature of watercolor…to keep things looks and allow the paint to move. Lines are suggestions, not color book restraints.

Food For Thought

The saying?

You’re wings already exist. You just have to FLY.

Why this saying? When I was thinking of a word to add to my art journal, I originally thought I would use the Audrey Hepburn quote “What if you fail? Oh darling, but what if you fly?”, but I decided I wanted to use something more unique.

Google is always your friend when looking for quotes. I searched “flying quotes.” (real creative…I know! LOL)

What I love most about this quote is that it is a reminder that you already have inside what you need to succeed. Yes…it might take hard work. A bird has it within himself to fly, but he still has to learn and practice and TRY.

The same goes for you. You have within you everything you need to reach your dreams…everything you need to succeed…you just have to allow it to rise to the top. It has to rise above the negative thoughts, above the not-so-fairytale past…you have to allow it to rise to the surface of who you are.

A bird had to rise above the wind stream before it can truly take flight. He might fail a few times…might fall to the ground, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is what he was meant to do from the moment it was born.

The same goes for you. You might fall. You might fail. You might hurt for a while, but don’t stop because someday…you will catch the wind just right…and YOU WILL FLY.

Don’t give up. It’s in you to do great things.

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