Faith Impressions by Keri Sallee for Gel Press

Good Morning Creatives!

I have been keeping secrets. Can you forgive me? But they are good secrets, so it’s OK, right? LOL

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…………………………….

I am so happy to finally be announcing my Faith Impressions line for Gel Press!!


These are a set of specially sized and shaped Gel Press plates that are designed to fit in the margins of a journaling bible. However, they can do SO much more than just Bible Journaling! They are truly a great, multi-purpose line. I was also able to write a 7 days jumpstart devotional that comes with the kit to help you get started.

So what’s the story, Morning Glory?

If you have followed me at all, you know how much I love Gel Press and how much fun this product can be. Well (long story short) last year at Creativation (the annual tradeshow in January) they approached me with the concept of integrating my love of faith/bible journaling into the world of Gel Press. At first, I thought they were just picking my brain for ideas on what would work best, but after a few more conversations, it became apparent that it was more than that. That this would be MY line…MY creativity driving it…mine…mine…mine. {let me faint for a minute!}

After conference calls, I began the waiting game. It happens in business all the time but it doesn’t make it any easier to wait. I had moments of lost hope. Maybe this wasn’t going to happen. Maybe this was a test of faith. Maybe this. Maybe that. I finally had to reach the point where I could look at the situation and say: Even if NOTHING ever comes out of this, at least I took this huge step of faith that I would NEVER have done a few years ago.

I became OK with the waiting game because I knew win or lose, I had overcome a mental obstacle that had held me down for years.

It took almost 10 months from first conversation to signed contract. 10. months. 10. Long. Months. LOL.

But…then it happened. A signed, legal contract that made it all official. I would have my own Faith centered line with Gel Press.

I don’t know if I can put it into words how I felt when I finally realized this was REALLY going to happen. How do you put into words what it feels like to have years worth of prayers and dreams finally become a solid reality?

I won’t belabor that is was AWESOME and SCARY all wrapped up into one NERVICITED burrito!

Creativation 2018

Just a week and a half ago I attended the Association for Creative Industry (AFCI) Creativation trade show where we officially launched Faith Impressions.

We had AMAZING responses from people all over the world. I had the opportunity to talk hundreds of people, not only about Faith Impressions, but about Faith Art as a whole.

I also was featured in the New Products showcase, where I got to do a few interviews (really weird. HA!)

The background of the Gel Press booth was 10 foot blow-ups of art from amazing artists like Sally McDonald, Kate Crate and ME!?

It was amazing to see a Bible page blown up as a backdrop.


What now?

I have no idea!!!! Ha…just kidding….sort of. LOL

I’m not going to lie to you…I am a little overwhelmed, but my friend Carissa gave me the best advice. I told her I had no idea what I was doing and her response was this: You don’t have to know what you are doing, because HE does. It’s all about faith.

So…here goes something!

Now that I can officially start sharing, I will be posting all the projects I have been secreting away for the last few months.

Here are a few!

We will also be producing more videos, including taking you from print to project with short, easy to follow videos.

Here is one quick, fun video to show you how easy the Faith Impressions line is to use!

I will be traveling to teach not only Bible Journaling but also to talk at women’s groups. I would LOVE to come and speak/teach to your group. You can reach me at: for more info.

New website coming soon! I want this to be a one stop place for all I do…my art…my devotions…my calendar. All right here and looking fabulous. I can’t wait!

What can you do to help?

Gel Press is doing pre-orders and we officially start shipping in April! You can head to for more info or let your local store know you want it!

Head over to Facebook and LIKE our Faith Impressions Page.

SHARE SHARE SHARE. In this day and age, social media shares are HUGE! Use an app like “Repost” app to repost on Instagram. Share posts from The Faith Impressions Page, my personal Facebook Page:The Creative Life Studios and retweet from either Gel Press or My Account: CreativeLifeAR.

Final Thoughts…

I can’t leave this post without saying Thank You to all of you.

Thank you for the time you take to visit here.

Thank you for sharing all over social media.

Thank you for having faith in me and my art.

Thank you for helping my dreams come true.

I can’t wait to see where we take this in 2018.









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