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Hello Creatives!

I have been having sssoooo much fun over on the Gel Press Blog and YouTube Channel so I thought I would share my most recent projects with you!

Mixed Media Fabric Tags

A few months ago I found these amazing Fabric Element Tags by Rebekah Meier at my local Joann’s Craft and I just had to have them. They were a light weight canvas and I knew would be so fun to use on my Gel Press plates.

Here is what I came up with:

rebekah meier tags gel press

I make both tags at the same time, with the same plate to show that you can make different styles (one simpler than the other) at the same time!

Here is a close up of each one:

rebekah meier tag gel press

rebekah meier tags

You can see the complete step by step tutorial at the Gel Press® Blog: Mixed Media Fabric Tags Using Gel Press.  Leave some LOVE on the blog post and for all my other Gel Press Junkie friends!!

Gel Press® YouTube

For Gel Press® YouTube videos, they want us to keep them short, so when I made my last video project, I edited it down to just under 3 minutes, but I had almost an hour of footage to work with so I decided to edit another video for it featuring the full project (and not just the Gel Press® part.)

The project I made reminded me of a quilt, so I named it my “Quilt Mixed Media Project.”

DecoArt Gel Press®

Short Video

Here is the short video from Gel Press’ YouTube Channel, that centers on the Gel Press® mono printing section:

Full YouTube Video

Here is the Full Tutorial Video that shows the whole project start to finish.

It’s time for a close-up!!


DecoArt Gel Press®

DecoArt Gel Press®

I hope you enjoyed my projects today!

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