Gel Press ® and ETI EnviroTex Blog Hop

Gel Press® and ETI Envirotex Blog Hop

Hello Creatives!

Welcome to the ETI/Gel Press Blog Hop.

The designers for both companies have been creating wonderful projects.

Please leave a comment on EACH blog listed below and then head over to the Gel Press blog and on the Resin Crafts (ETI) blog to tell us which projects you found most interesting or inspiring.

ETI Blog


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Gel Press

One winner will be picked, at random, Sunday, July 31, 2016, at 10pm CST. The winner will get both Petite sets of Gel Press plates and ETI Jewelry Resin!

ETI and Gel Press®

For my project, here’s what I came up with:

ETI and Gel Press™ Blog Hop


For my background image, I used an print I made using the Gel Press® 8 Inch round plate.


Bezel and Gears: Butterbee Scraps

Words: Splash of Color

Resign: ETI EnviroTex Jewelry Resin

Getting Started

Here’s a tip when working with bezels:

(1) Use your bezel like a stamp and “stamp” it on to an ink pad.

ETI and Gel Press™ with Butterbee Scraps

(2) “stamp” your inked bezel onto your surface.

ETI Jewelry resin and Gel Press™

(3) The resulting image will help you only cut as much background as you need! Cut just inside the lines you made and then do a dry fit into your bezel. Trim as needed.


Making your pendent

Once you’ve cut your Gel Press® print to fit your bezel, adhere it down with a small amount of adhesive.

Gel Press™ and ETI Blog Hop

Next, position your little gears where you would like them. These miniature metal gears from Butterbee Scraps fit perfectly inside this bezel (also from Butterbee Scraps.) It also a good idea to have an idea of what your words will be so that you leave enough space for them.

Butterbee Scraps with Gel Press™ and ETI

Add your words.

ETI and Gel Press™ Blog Hop

Now the fun part…..mixing the ETI Jewelry Resin!

ETI EnviroTex Jewelry Resin

Following the directions carefully so that your resin will cure completely and clearly.

{If you follow me on social media you saw my giddy-ness at playing with this. It makes you feel like a mad scientist…in a good way!}

Add the resin to your bezel with you stick, drizzling a little at a time until the resin almost overfills the sides. This will give you a nice domed finish to your project.

Remember that the resin takes 24 or so hours to be completely cured, so make sure to put your piece in a safe place out of harms way.

Here is a a look at my pendent again.

ETI and Gel Press™ Blog Hop

Remember…you have until Sunday to hop along to all the blogs listed for your chance to win!

{Winner must be 18 or over and live in the USA.}

Good Luck and thanks for hopping along with us!





  1. Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell says:

    Love the idea on how to get that beautiful geli background paper sized to fit your piece. Beautiful work.

  2. Gail Pickens-Barger says:

    Ha, I get the mad scientist comment. I go to my dining area, and start thinking about what to do, this is really cool! I like the idea of using your pendant to “stamp” an outline of what you’ve monoprinted. So so cool,eh?

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