Butterbee Scraps Planner Charm

Butterbee Scraps Planner Charm

Time for a New Planner!

Good Morning Creatives:

Well…I did it. I never thought I would be one of those people, but…I did it…

I bought a fancy planner!!

I have always been a paper and pen kind of girl, but I’ve kept it pretty simple.

Using the calendar on my phone just stresses me out so I gave up on that pretty quickly! LOL.

I like seeing everything at one time, being able to strike things off my list and have that sense of accomplishment of seeing my list get done.

Me and My Big Ideas 365 Planner

After some research, I decided to go with the Me and My Big Ideas 365 Planner in the

Botanical Garden theme.

Me and My Big Ideas Planner

Choosing this one was easy. The layout of the calendar and weekly pages are spacious and you can easily add and remove pages.

Each of the monthly dashboards has these great funky patterns and flowers.

While I was searching Hobby Lobby, I saw they had all sorts of fun ways to make charms for you planners, but in all honesty…they were all kind of cheesy and just didn’t speak to me. They didn’t reflect ME.

So…I decided to make my own using some fabulous charms, chains and clips from Butterbee Scraps.

Planner Charm Ingredients

Here is a complete list of Butterbee Scraps Products I used:

Large Silver Lobster Clasps-CL505-P

6mm 18 gage jump rings

Bronze Cable Chain-CH926-B

Happiest Place on Earth Charms (Crown, Apple, Shoe & Wand)

Large Silver Arrow

Medium Mixed Gears (Copper)

Textured Bronze Cable Chain-CH521-B

Steampunk Tibetan Charms (Wing)

Large Copper Tibetan Scissor Charm

Copper Rings

Planner Charm-What does it mean?

Like I said…when I was looking at elements to make my planner charm in Hobby Lobby, there just wasn’t elements that I felt showcased who I was.

I chose specific charms from my Butterbee Scraps stash for their special meaning to me.

Butterbee Scraps Planner Charm

The Scissors are a nod to my love of paper crafting, while the crown is because of course I’m a princess (didn’t you know?!?) The apple adds color and represents my love of fairly tales.



Helpful Hints about my Planner Charm

While I was making my charm, I kind of went into without a real “plan.”

I simply looked through my stash and picked what spoke most to me.

To start my planner charm, I added lengths of chains to using my 6mm Jump Ring and Bronze Rings. I made sure to use different lengths so that my charms would be at different levels.

Here is my “naked” charm:

Butterbee Scraps Planner Charm

When I went to put my completed charm on the binding of my planner, I realized that my Lobster Claw Clasp didn’t quite go all the way around the plastic discs that make the binding.

To fix this, I took a small piece of my Bronze Cable Chain, looped it around my disc and attached my charm to that instead of the actual disc.

Butterbee Scraps Planner Charm

Butterbee Scraps Planner Charm

Closing Thoughts

I’m not sure how crazy I’m going to with my planner, but I love how a new planner symbolizes hope, the future and endless possibilities.

It has me looking forward to picking my “One Little Word” for 2017 and seeing what is to come.

Until next time,



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