Butterbee scraps lapel pin 

Butterbee Scraps Lapel Pin

Good Morning Creatives!

This morning I am sharing a fun and easy way to DIY your own label pin using some yummy Butterbee Scraps goodies .

Ingredients to make this Pin

For this lapel pin you will need:

Butterbee Scraps

Butterbee Scraps Vintage Doily

Bronze Butterfly Metal Filigree Embellishment (887-B)

Bronze Round Metal Filigree (744-B)

Small Mixed Silver, Copper, Bronze Gear Charms 

Miniature Mixed Silver and Bronze Gear Charms 

Creative Clocks Tibetan Charms

Other Supplies

Small round piece of cardboard

Adhesive (E-6000 works the best, but I was out so I used a hot glue gun)

Lapel Pen (I stole mine off of an old trade show badge!)

Putting it all together

Start with your round circle of cardboard. You want you circle just slightly smaller than the doily you will use as the base for you label pin. The goal is not to be able to see the cardboard when you’re done.

Adhere down your Butterbee Scraps doily. If you cardboard peeks around your doily, just trim it down before adding any of your embellishments. Don’t worry about your adhesive showing through the center holes; they will be completely covered by the time we are done.


Layer your Bronze Round Metal Embellishment on top of your doily. This will cover your glue and add a sturdy base for your pin.


Now have fun! Do a test run with your base layer  embellishments until you get the layering that you like. QUICK TIP: Once you have it the way you want your finished pin to look, snap a quick picture with your phone before you move them so that you can remember. Don’t rely on your brain! LOL

{You can see here…my cardboard was still showing around my doily. Before I glued down all my layers, I trimmed it back to that it couldn’t be seen in the final pin.}


Top off the base layer of your pin with a Bronze Butterfly Metal Embellishment. To add depth, light and gently bend the wings up. If you still feel like your need some space filled, use the Miniature Mixed Silver and Bronze Gear Charms to fill it.

For the pin back, I stole a pin from an old trade show badge and adhered it to the back of my cardboard.


My finished pin looks GREAT on my black blazer!


Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed today’s project!

Head over to ButterbeeScraps.com for more projects, inspiration and to purchase some amazing embellishments of your own to play with!

Until next time,




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