Butterbee Scraps and Gel Press® Canvas

Hello Creatives!

Today I want to share a project that brings together 2 of my favorite companies: Butterbee Scraps and Gel Press® .

Gel Press® and Butterbee Scraps


For this project you will need:

Butterbee Scraps

Silver Filigree (161-P)

Silver Flower Metal Filigree (052-P) 

Cooper Flower Metal Filigree (286-C) 

Coppper Metal Leaf (672-C) 

Resin Flowers

Flat Back Topaz-Light Colorado (SS10) 

Bronze Round Metal Filigree (288-B)  

Other Products:

Gel Print on Paper Towel

Decoart Media Fluid Acrylic in Carbon Black

Liquitex Matte Gel Medium


Gorilla Glue Hot Glue Stick

Backround: Gel Press®

Recently, I was making a project for Gel Press® and instead of using regular paper to lift my ghost prints (the second layer on your gel plate after you lift your first print), I used a paper towel.

To achieve my background, I lifted the ghost print of my yellow stripped background…..

Gel Press® and Butterbee Scraps

and the remnants (what was left after I lifted the stencil) of my leaf patterns.

Butterbee Scraps and Gel Press®

This is my finished background.


I then cut my paper towel just slightly larger than my canvas and adhered it down with Matte Gel Medium by Liquitex.

Gel Press® and Butterbee Scraps

Butterbee Scraps Project

Now for the layers!

To finish up my project, I had fun playing with the layers of Butterbee Scraps Metals and Resin Flowers.

Here is some close-ups of some of my flowers!

Butterbee Scraps

Everything is better with Bling, right?!

Butterbee Scraps

To give them more depth, I slightly bent my leave up on the edges so that they didn’t lie completely flat.

Butterbee Scraps

To make my designs POP, add used a thin brush and DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic in Carbon Black to add lines and paint my words.

Butterbee Scraps and Canvas Corp

For my stems, I used Canvas Corp Hemp Twine.

Closing Thoughts

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at a Women’s Christina Luncheon and a Women’s Prison on the same day. The jail really made me think about where these women had to go from here.

This was going through my mind while I was working on this project and as I was making the flowers I got to thinking about how these women would be able to take what they have been through and (hopefully) use it as a catapult to a new and better life.

That’s what I was thinking when I wrote:

Water Your Future with the Tears of Your Past

Life is about choices…you can either let your past weigh you down and be constantly held captive by it…or you can use your past to make your future better. It’s up to you.

Until Next time…



PS…For more information from Butterbee Scraps, check out her blog on this project!

“Water you Future Mixed Media Canvas” 


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