Bright ATCs with Butterbee Scraps

Good Morning Creatives!

Today is another beautiful day with Butterbee Scraps and today I am taking metals to a whole new level!

I recently made the BRIGHT ATC cards using some altered playing cards I had laying around.

Butterbee Scraps Bright ATCs


Butterbee Scraps Products

Bronze Spirograph Metal FiligreeĀ 

Small Bronze Rectangular BezelĀ 

Rectangular Glass Cabochons

Resin Flower Cabochons

Silver Butterfly Metal Filigree

Small Bronze Butterfly Metal Filigree

Other Materials


Color Splash Stickers

Silks Acrylic Glaze in: Jasmine, Guatemalan Green, Sky Blue and Spiced Pumpkin

Hemp (Cavas Corp)


How To

Start by choosing your base. I had these altered playing cards laying around so I decided to use them.

Butterbee Scraps Bright ATCs

Choose your metal shapes.

Butterbee Scraps Bright ATCs

Cover them with Gesso. This will allow your Silks to have a more vibrant color and adhere to your surface better.

Butterbee Scraps Bright ATCs

Next paint all of them with fun, bright colors!

Butterbee Scraps Bright ATCs

Keep going and have fun! I added multiple colors to some of my metals.

Butterbee Scraps Bright ATCs

Allow them to dry completely before layering them on your cards.

Here are close-ups of the completed cards.

Butterbee Scraps Bright ATCs

Butterbee Scraps Bright ATCs

This is my favorite element on both of them:

Bright ATCs with Butterbee Scraps

Closing Thoughts

I have been taking a little time out of the studio to hang with my kids here at the beginning of summer and boy…have I missed getting my hands dirty.

I hope today has inspired you to try something new and to smile with courage…even if you don’t feel it.

Have an amazing day.



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