Bible Journal Video-2 Samuel 22:30

2 Samuel 22:30 Bible Journal Page

Good Morning Creatives!

How is your week going? Can you believe we are almost all the way through January? Doesn’t it just feel like New Year’s Eve was yesterday?

Today, I want to share with you a recent Bible Journal project and video I did that was featured on The Crafter’s Workshop Blog.

2 Samuel 22:30 Bible Journal

2 Samuel 22:30 Bible Journal

But…before I do…I wanted to share a little about Bible Journaling.

What is Bible Journaling?

Simply put…Bible Journaling is WORSHIP!

Just like Art Journaling is a chance to express your feelings and life in a creative form, Bible Journaling is a way to document your spiritual journey.

Now there are many who have a problem with writing/drawing/painting in a Bible because they believe it some how defiles it. For me…I don’t see that at all, BUT I believe everyone has the right to their own opinions on the matter.

I love this quote by Charles Spurgeon:

A Bible That is falling apart

It’s pretty spot on. If you are constantly learning from the Bible, you should be underlining and taking notes…my notes just happen to be more colorful…and painty…and messy. LOL. 🙂

Just like there are all kinds of worship music to fit all types of people, the same goes for worship in other forms. If your gift is hospitality (like my best friend’s is), then for you…that time you volunteer putting together morning coffee or that get together is your form of worship.

Art and music are my giftings, so why not use them!?

How do I start Bible Journaling?

Just start!

I know that sounds obvious, but it’s really best advice.

I spent months looking at other’s art in their bibles and couldn’t get myself to do it because I had the “fear of doing it wrong.” And you know what…I let that fear rob me of all those months that I could have been worshiping with my paints and stickers and all those other supplies I have.

Yes…look for inspiration on Pinterest and in Groups like “Journaling Bible Community” on Facebook, but don’t allow their “masterpieces” to keep you from just trying. Chances are…you are comparing your beginning to their 50th so why add that stress?

This is between you, your art and God.

My friend Shanna Noel, one of the leading forces behind the Bible Journaling movement and the founder of Illustrated Faith , made this great graphic:


What do I need to start Bible Journaling?

The obvious would be a journaling Bible, but that can be a big investment for some people.

If you can’t afford an actual journaling bible, start with an art journal that has heavy pages, like watercolor paper, so that you can add as many layers as you want. You can always handwrite your scriptures or print them off from a word processing program on your computer.

I always recommend some kind of gesso (which comes in clear, black and white) to prep your pages with. Not only does this strengthen thin bible pages and helps your paints and products move around your page better, it also helps decrease the amount of bleed through to the back of the page. I use clear gesso by Liquitex on all my pages so that I can cover the whole thing and not worry about covering up the words. Plus, it has a texture that I like.

After that…the sky is the limit! Use stickers, paints, pens, washi tape, stamps, stencils, pens, crayons, die cuts…whatever! You can start with products you already have at home so that you can find your style without spending a lot of money up front.

Today’s Bible Journal Spread: 2 Samuel 22:30

Recently I did a tutorial for The Crafter’s Workshop on how to use a stencil to carve your own stamps {you can click here to see that post.} I chose to make a brick stamp and when I was done I thought “now what…how can I use this?”

So after some thinking, I decided to do some research about what the Bible says about bricks. Ya…not a lot…except for how the imprisoned Israelites made them from mud and straw. Not too awe-inspiring.

So next I decided to look at walls…because walls are made of bricks, right?

2 Samuel 22:30 stuck out to me the most: “By my God, I can leap over walls”

That was it…and as I write this post, I realize something. I did this journal page a couple of weeks ago before I had picked my “One Little Word” for 2016 and you know what it is? JUMP. My 2016 word is JUMP and before I even decided on it, God was putting a scripture in front of me to journal about JUMPING or leaping over walls!

I wanted to make a process video for this one because my Bible Journaling style is very different from a lot I have seen. It is very much like my mixed media style…lots of colors…lots of layers…lots of fun.

Here is my video…I hope you enjoy it!

I have been OBSESSED with neons lately, so when I saw this neon paint set at Hobby Lobby, I just had to have it!

Master's Touch Neon Paints from Hobby Lobby

Master’s Touch Neon Paints from Hobby Lobby

I also found these Neon Painter’s Pens by Elmer’s at Walmart!


Here are a few close-ups!


2 Samuel 22:30 Bible Journal {The Crafter’s Workshop}


2 Samuel 22:30 Bible Journal {Thickers by American Crafts & Paint by Master’s Touch from Hobby Lobby}


2 Samuel 22:30 Bible Journal {stencils by The Crafter’s Workshop; paint by Master’s Touch from Hobby Lobby}

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Bible Journal today and are inspired to try something new. Whether you choose Bible Journaling, Art journaling or some other way, I hope you find some way to express you faith…whatever that may be.

Until next time…




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